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LED Strobe Light,LED Warning Light,Emergency Strobe Light

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Product Description:

1. 6pcs high powered 3W SMD LEDs

2. Clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate cover

3. PC Hot-dip aluminizing reflector cup

4. ADC12 aluminium housing with chrome-plating

5. Chrome-plating metal bracket

6. 30CM prewired double insulated cable with bare ends


1. Product Name: LED Strobe Light,LED Warning Light,Emergency Strobe Light

2. Part Number:SL-L142-S

3. Product Size: 142*30*35mm

4. LED Color: Amber, Red, Blue, White or Combined

5. LEDs: 6PCS 3W SMD

6. LED Power: 18W

7. Voltage: 10~30V DC

8. Approvals: ECE R10, ECE R65, SAE J845 Class1

9. Flash Patterns: 22

10. Mounting: Universal Mount

11. IP67, Waterproof & Dustproof


1. Low current draw

2. High powered 3W SMD LED, powerful lumen output and penetration effect

3. Amber, red, blue, white or combined LEDs available

4. 22 selectable flash patterns with last flash pattern memory function

5. Synchronous & asynchronous function

6. 10~30V DC multi-voltage & reverse polarity protection function

7. Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate cover, solid state LED circuitry, resistant to severe moisture, shock and vibration

8. ADC12 aluminium housing with chrome-plating for excellent heat dissipation performance and fashion appearance

9. Universal mounting

10. Trouble free operational life in excess of 50,000hours

11. Meets both European ECE R65 R10 & U.S.A. SAE J845 Class1 regulations

12. Wildly applied to police cars, heavy duty & roadside service vehicles, trucks, trailer, forklifts, cranes, towing, security, construction, mining and every emergency warning applications

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